Upgrade Your HVAC System with a Smart Thermostat

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Saving money is a common New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t really sure where to start. Making a small investment in your HVAC system by installing a smart thermostat now can have huge money and energy saving benefits. Smart technology is quickly becoming more commonplace in the home due to its convenience and ease of use. The Wi-Fi enabled thermostat is the perfect gateway into these high-tech electronics for homeowners. Best of all, a professional HVAC service in central Kansas can install a smart thermostat in just a matter of minutes.

To help you make the switch, the professionals at K V K Inc. are ready with answers to some of your most common questions about smart thermostats.

How does it work?

A traditional thermostat allows users to change the temperature throughout the home with a simple dial or control panel. Unfortunately, that’s really all it has to offer. A smart thermostat gives more efficient and user-friendly accessibility to your home’s heating and cooling system. The component plugs into the boiler, giving it the capability to communicate wirelessly with the thermostat. The thermostat is also equipped with a smart phone app that gives homeowners the ability to adjust their heating from any location and view their energy consumption in real time. You’ll never again have to worry about whether you remembered to switch the heat off before you left for vacation, as it can easily be checked from your smart phone.

Those are just the basics of most smart thermostats available. Many models offer upgraded smart capabilities. For example, you can program the thermostat to automatically shut off when everyone leaves the house for the day, and then kick back on with just enough time for the home to be at the perfect temperature right before returning home.

Is it better than a traditional thermostat?

Traditional thermostats do get the job done, but they offer little more than the ability to raise, lower or hold the temperature. A smart thermostat offers an increased amount of control for maximum energy savings in addition to a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Best of all, it gives homeowners a peace of mind you just can’t get with a basic thermostat.

What are the benefits?

Whether a smart thermostat will save you money depends on how you use it. Forgetful residents who often leave the AC running all day will certainly save some money with the ability to switch off the unit remotely. The learning models eliminate the hassle of managing your home’s temperature manually to control costs. Having the ability to see how much energy is being used before the bill comes can allow you to actively manage your consumption and make any adjustments to keep costs low.

While there is an initial investment, most homeowners recoup the costs quickly though increased energy savings due to smarter usage. Your current HVAC service in central Kansas can install a smart thermostat in no time to avoid causing any unnecessary damage to the unit or the walls of your home. Ready to make the upgrade? Call K V K Inc. today to schedule a free estimate!

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