Invest in Air Conditioning Repair in Central Kansas for Your Outdoor Unit

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Many air conditioning systems include an outdoor unit, and in the wintertime, it faces endless assault. Since you will likely not notice damage until you turn it on in the summer, you could have days of suffering before a technician is able to make it to your home. That is why now is a good time to consider air conditioning repair in central Kansas to check over your entire system, and particularly any units located outdoors. Here are four elements that may have damaged your outdoor unit this winter:

  • Debris and ice: Weather and debris clog up even the most durable units. Even if you raked leaves last fall, you may not have collected all of them. Wind storms send debris to your unit, and dirt and ice build up against it, compromising its functioning. Debris control around this unit is a good practice. Once spring begins, be careful with cutting tools and direct grass away from it as you mow. For now, check its condition and remove any ice or dirt that is crowding against it. Removing these items can also cause damage, so do so carefully to avoid a high repair bill.
  • Pet damage: Your dog likely spent all winter wanting to finish business outside as quickly as possible. This increases the likelihood of dogs urinating on units, which can affect air quality and cause electric shorts. In the summer, another danger is pets leaving toys too close to it or even chewing on parts of the unit. If your outdoor unit is somewhere animals can access it, consider building a barrier around it. In addition to dogs and wandering cats, your outdoor unit is also vulnerable to racoons, opossums and other wildlife. Your barriers also prevent damage by these wild critters.
  • Overgrown plants: Since you are not doing much yardwork this time of year, overgrowth is a definite threat that can lead to a lack of air conditioning when summer starts. Controlled shrubs make good windbreaks and discourage people from placing items on top of the outdoor unit or mowing too close. However, shrubs can also drop leaves into the system and cause additional problems. When you plant shrubs, keep them far enough away so they are not clogging outdoor units with debris. Even in winter, watch bushes to insure they do not grow into the fan or coils.
  • Provide a base: Placing your outdoor unit directly on the ground is a bad idea. It allows dirt to get in and makes it easier for insects to sabotage it. Build a stone or concrete base to shield it from these elements. Even placing it on a pallet as a temporary solution is preferable to using the ground. You will keep it clean and level, while also making it easier for technicians to work on it.

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