Ways to Stay Cool While Waiting for Air Conditioning Service in Central Kansas

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Spring is just the start of warmer weather. As the weeks pass by, the temperature will only increase, and more and more often people will be turning on their air conditioners in an attempt to cool down. If your air conditioner happens to need a repair and you are waiting for service, the days you spend waiting for the repair can be tough, unless you know of a few ways to keep cool that don’t require an air conditioner.

Here’s what you can do to stay cool while waiting for air conditioning service in Central Kansas:

  • Keep blinds closed: On a warm summer day, most people enjoy letting the light shine into their homes. It can be nice to experience the sun, but when you are waiting for air conditioning service, the sun will be your number one enemy. Because keeping the blinds and curtains open will allow the sun to enter your home and heat things up, you’ll want to keep them closed. You don’t have to close them all, but enough to keep the indoor temperature low.
  • Change ceiling fan direction to counterclockwise: Most people will turn on the ceiling fan when their air conditioner is not functioning properly. This is always a great way to cool your home, but you have to be careful because, when the fan is rotating the wrong way, it could actually have the opposite effect. You will want to make sure you set your fan to rotate counterclockwise, so the air hitting you is cool instead of warm.
  • Prepare meals outdoors: You’ll have to feed your family, and if you don’t want to dine out or pay for takeout, cooking at home will be the next option. Using your oven or stovetop will add heat to your home, so you may want to find another way to prepare your meals. For example, you could grill outdoors. It may be a little hot outside, but at least when you come back into your home to relax for the evening, the temperature will be bearable.
  • Keep lights off: The same way the sun can heat up your home, so can the lights. No matter what type of bulbs you use, a light being on in your home will only increase the indoor temperature. Although it can be beneficial to keep the blinds closed, having one or two open is where you will get your light and be able to control the temperature in your home.
  • Unplug electronics and gadgets: Microwaves, TVs, lamps and more give off heat when they are plugged in. One or two may not be able to drastically change the temperature in your home, but think about how many things you may have plugged in. All of these electronics and gadgets working together can raise the temperature to an intolerable degree. You don’t have to unplug everything, but at least unplug things in your bedroom and any other room in the home that you want to keep cool.

During the spring and summer, the temperature can get to be too much. Rather than spend time outside, people want to be sitting under an air conditioner, enjoying the cool air. When your unit is broken, you may panic, but just because you need AC service doesn’t mean you have to suffer while waiting for the pros to show up.

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