Your Big Day for HVAC Installation in Central Kansas!

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Spring is a good time to pursue new HVAC installation in central Kansas because it is not too hot or too cold. However, many customers discover the ordeal is more stressful or burdensome than anticipated. To enjoy fewer surprises and anxiety on your big installation day, here is what you can expect as your new HVAC system is installed:

  • You may need a permit: Depending on your system and where you install it, permits may be necessary. This is more common with commercial systems due to their size. Fortunately, this is a step completed by your contractor, and the cost of the permit is figured into your estimate. While securing the permit, the contractor also schedules the final inspection so there is little delay in firing up your new system.
  • This is a big, messy job: You will feel like your home is being invaded, not only by technicians, but also by dust and large appliance parts. It is noisy, too, so if you have timid pets, this is a good day to arrange boarding for them. Removing an entire HVAC system and replacing it with a new one is not a process that happens easily or without a mess. But we clean up after ourselves, so rest assured this is a temporary situation.
  • Ducts first: If new ductwork is part of the installation, we do that first. This can become extremely involved if we are doing this for a large home or commercial property. It often involves opening walls, which adds to the mess. This is another reason to board your pets; you do not want them getting scared, looking for a place to hide and then getting stuck in the walls.
  • We might move your outdoor unit: Most air conditioning systems include an outdoor unit. In most cases, we can install the new unit where the previous one was located. However, there are instances where we believe there is a better place to put this essential appliance. We will consult with you first before building a new base and possibly interfering with your landscaping.
  • Electrical upgrades are usually involved: If you have not upgraded your HVAC system in a while, there is a chance that your electric connections will not work with the new appliances. We test them first, and if they fall short, we will upgrade them during installation. Piping and refrigerator lines are also checked for compatibility. If they do not work for your new system, we replace them.
  • Thermostats are installed last: Once we put in everything else, including furnaces, heat pumps and AC units, we add the thermostats. (Hopefully, you upgraded to the latest in programmable thermostats and are ready to save money!) During this step, we integrate the thermostats so they communicate effectively with the system.
  • One final test: Once we have finished the installation, we make sure it works for you. The system is charged and tested. We look for shortcomings, repair any issues and make the final adjustments. Once finished, we prepare for the final inspection. The disruption is now officially over! Enjoy your new cooled and heated home!

For new ductwork and HVAC installation in central Kansas, call K V K Inc. today to arrange for an estimate.

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