Five Ways to Save Money on Heating and Cooling in Central Kansas

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These days, folks all over the country try their best to save money wherever they can. Clipping coupons and eliminating unnecessary expenditures helps, but that can only go so far in helping to keep a little more money in your bank account. Reducing how much you spend on monthly utility bills, however, is a great way to save money each month. Read on to learn more about saving money on heating and cooling in central Kansas:

  • Upgrade your units: One of the easiest ways to save money each month on your energy bills is by purchasing a new HVAC system. Spending money on a new air conditioner and furnace is a bummer at first, but new units save bundles of cash each month. People with energy efficient units are also eligible for nice tax rebates. If you ask us, getting money from the government just for installing a new HVAC system is a pretty great deal! In addition to saving money, you’ll be living green if you buy new energy efficient units. Although your household’s carbon footprint probably isn’t too big, installing energy efficient air conditioners and furnaces can go a long way in helping to save the environment.
  • Inspect your air ducts: Keeping heat and air inside your home is vital to reducing monthly heating and cooling bills. Hire our team members to inspect your air ducts. Our seasoned professionals will be able to repair or replace any damaged air ducts that are leaking air.
  • Clean your HVAC system: An inefficient HVAC unit is a waste of both energy and money. While systems can start to break down and become inefficient over time, cleaning your unit on a regular basis is a great way to ensure it’s as efficient as can be. Make sure you replace the air filters each month, and give us a call to clean your HVAC system at least once a year.
  • Monitor your thermostat: Even though it can be nice to blast your AC on hot summer days and crank up the heat on cold nights, it’s a big waste of money. Heating and cooling in central Kansas isn’t cheap, and overusing your system is just throwing money away. Buy some blankets in the winter to stay warm, and keep cool this summer by turning on fans and opening your windows.
  • Check your windows: Speaking of windows, make sure they’re airtight! You’d be surprised by how much air can slip in or out through the small cracks around the sills. Visit a home improvement store to learn more about weather stripping and treatments you can put on your windows during the winter. If your windows are really old, it may be time to replace them with energy efficient glass.

Apply some of these strategies in your home. You’ll be amazed at how much extra money you’ll have leftover at the end of each month. Use some of that to treat yourself and your family to a nice dinner, or even put it toward a family vacation!

To learn more about saving on heating and cooling in central Kansas, or to discuss upgrades to your HVAC system, get in touch with K V K Inc. today.

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