Could Your Building Benefit from Installing a Tube Heater in Central Kansas?

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Anyone who’s ever worked in a large building on a cold winter day or night knows how uncomfortable it can be. Although space heaters can get really hot, they can’t do much in terms of providing warmth for people outside of a small area. Buildings with a furnace or another source of heat are great, but a lot of that warm air is wasted as it floats up to the ceiling, where it’s not doing much to cool people down on the floor below. The best option if you want to heat your building when the temperatures start to drop is with a tube heater in central Kansas. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider installing one this year:

  • They’re energy efficient: As mentioned above, traditional heating systems pump out a lot of heat, but since heat rises, that warm air tends to float up to the ceiling, and nobody needs it all the way up there. It can cost a lot of money to produce enough heat to keep the ground warm. Tube heaters, on the other hand, effectively keep the ground warm for just a fraction of the price. In fact, tube heaters can heat the same amount of space for 50 percent less than you’d pay for a traditional heating system. If you want to stay warm this winter without breaking the bank, give us a call to install a tube heater in central Kansas. Our professionals can likely be in and out of your building in a matter of hours.
  • They’re easy to install: Heating systems, especially those in really large buildings, can be difficult to install, even for experienced professionals. They can take days or even weeks to get up and running. During that time, your productivity could be slowed or even come to a complete halt. Installation of these big systems can also cost big bucks. The easiest and least expensive way to get heat for your building is by calling us to install tube heaters. We can often be in and out in just a few hours—you’ll hardly notice we’re there!
  • They’re easy to maintain: Whether it’s in your home, barn or commercial building, traditional heating systems can require a lot of maintenance and tend to break down if they’re not inspected by a professional each fall. What’s worse is that a general maintenance call can be costly, and any necessary repairs are even more expensive. Even though we do recommend having your tube heater in central Kansas checked out by one of our professionals before you start using it each year, maintenance is easy and fairly inexpensive.

Hopefully we won’t need to turn the heat on for quite a while yet, but it’s never too early to start thinking about how you’re going to heat your building this winter. If you think it’s time to install a new heating system, give K V K Inc. a call. We have years of experience installing tube heaters in all sorts of large buildings including garages, barns and commercial facilities. Get in touch today for a free estimate!

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