Steps You Should Take Before Turning On Your Furnace for Winter

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With Thanksgiving nearly under our belt, the winter season is almost in full swing, and most Kansas residents will soon be turning on their furnaces to keep off the winter chill, if they haven’t already. Before the snow flies and the ice hardens, you’ll want to make sure that your furnace is running perfectly so you can avoid a catastrophic—and cold—breakdown.

To ensure your furnace starts properly and heats your home or business without fail, follow these few steps. If you have any questions or are concerned your furnace needs repairs, call a professional HVAC service in central Kansas as soon as possible—you won’t want to wait!

  • Give it some space: First, locate your furnace and give it a thorough visual inspection to make sure nothing is amiss. Then, make sure your furnace has ample space around it. Move ant boxes and other objects away from the sides and off the top of the unit to prevent any potential fires.
  • Dust it off: Clean the vents and other areas of the furnace unit with a vacuum brush attachment to remove any serious buildup of dust or debris. Dust is typically okay to leave on the furnace, but it might cause a smell when you first turn it on.
  • Change the filter: Change the filter in your furnace before you start to run it. Changing the filter will allow your furnace to run more effectively and efficiently. While you’re checking out the filter, make sure you’ve stocked up and have enough to change the filter every one to two months during winter.
  • Open the vents: Move all objects and furniture at least a foot away from the registers and vents in your home or business. You might want to clean these by removing them with a screwdriver and dusting them off so clean air is able to circulate. Make sure all of the vents are fully open so air can enter the rooms.
  • Switch the thermostat to heat: It seems simple enough, but many home and business owners forget to switch their thermostat settings to “heat” and get frustrated when they don’t get results. Make sure the setting is correct and you select the desired temperature!
  • Give it a test run: Turn up the heat on the thermostat and let the furnace run for about an hour. Make sure you’re in the building while it runs and pay attention to any strange sounds or smells. If anything seems awry, call an HVAC service in central Kansas to have it checked out. This step is important to do before you really need your heater to run for a while. Don’t wait on this until it’s freezing outside in case you need repairs!
  • Have it inspected: The best possible way to ensure your furnace is prepared to heat your home or business all winter long is to have it inspected and have maintenance done by a professional HVAC service in central Kansas. They will make sure your system is up to date, clean and ready to run without any problems.

Whether you need furnace repairs or regular maintenance, K V K Inc. is your go-to HVAC service in central Kansas! We’ve served residential and commercial clients for over 20 years with our wide variety of heating and cooling services. We do installations, repairs and maintenance to meet all your HVAC needs. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or learn more!

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