Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer!

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Thankfully, we’re able to turn off the heat and stop worrying about furnace repairs for the next couple of months. But that doesn’t mean we can neglect our HVAC system until the fall. Just like autumn is time for furnace maintenance, springtime necessitates a call to an air conditioning service in central Kansas for a quick checkup. Continue reading to learn what our professionals can do for you and your AC this spring!

What does AC maintenance entail?

Your air conditioner is just like your car and many other appliances in your home in that it requires yearly maintenance if you want it to run to the best of its ability. Unfortunately, we’ve found that too many homeowners out there aren’t sure what goes into air conditioner maintenance. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Cleaning: Your HVAC pro will sweep up the leaves and debris from the exterior of the unit and clean the delicate inner components of your system. Clean and well-lubricated parts are sure to work better throughout the summer than a dirty unit.
  • Inspection: Your technician will inspect each aspect of your AC to ensure everything looks like it’s in good condition. A sudden breakdown is less likely to happen if each component is perfect before summer begins.
  • Part replacement: Hopefully, there aren’t any broken components, or parts that look like they’ll break soon. But if there are, your HVAC professional will replace them for you. Replacing a part now ensures that you won’t be stuck in a hot house waiting for a part to come in later this summer.

What are the hazards of not keeping up with maintenance?

Air conditioner maintenance isn’t required by law. The police aren’t going to knock down your door if you don’t call an air conditioning service in central Kansas this spring! Though jail time isn’t a possibility for not scheduling AC maintenance, there are some other things you should worry about:

  • Sudden breakdowns: Accidents happen that can lead to an unexpected breakdown and subsequent repairs, but that’s a lot less likely to happen if you schedule yearly air conditioning maintenance. As mentioned above, cleaning your unit and replacing bad parts help ensure your unit doesn’t bite the dust in the middle of the summer.
  • Shorter lifespan: Who has a longer lifespan, the person who goes to the doctor for a yearly checkup or someone who never sees a doctor for anything? It’s most likely the first person! We can use that same logic for spring HVAC maintenance. Ensure you don’t have to replace your AC any time soon by calling us today for an inspection and tune-up.
  • Higher energy bills: Air conditioners are a fantastic convenience. Unfortunately, they can also be a big drain on your wallet if they’re running inefficiently. That can be fixed with a quick tune-up! We’ll have your AC running to the best of its ability so it’ll cool your home without driving up your monthly energy bill.

Don’t wait to schedule spring AC maintenance—our time slots are filling up fast! A maintenance call is quick and easy, and could save you thousands on repairs this summer. Give K V K Inc. a call today to schedule an appointment!

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