How to Fix a Humidity Problem in Your Home

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You know that air conditioning units are supposed to remove humidity, but yours does not seem to be doing that very effectively. Your indoor air is hot and muggy when it shouldn’t be. A common problem that some homeowners run into during the hot summer months is high indoor humidity. This is especially a big issue in areas of the country that experience hot, damp summers. If you have or regularly experience humidity problems, read on before looking into AC repair in Central Kansas.

Below are some of the reasons why your air conditioner might be ineffective against humidity:

  • AC unit is too big: If your air conditioning is too large for your home, this could be the reason for all that humidity. In this case, were referring to the cooling capacity, not the actual size of the unit itself. An oversized AC system will not do a better job of cooling down or removing humidity from a smaller space. In fact, a unit that is too big for a space will turn on and off frequently, preventing the system from running long enough to remove most of the humidity from the air.
  • Negative air pressure: A poorly designed ventilation system will cause negative air pressure, meaning too much air is being vented from your space. When negative air pressure is a problem, the AC does what it can to balance itself, which is often drawing in extra outside air. If the relative humidity outside is 70 or higher, then that’s the same muggy air being pulled inside. A really bad problem leads to AC inefficiency and a loss of control over indoor humidity.
  • AC is old: Some older units simply cannot handle heavy loads of air. Parts may be worn and the unit may not be able to function properly any longer, but a lack of regular maintenance is also to blame. Before noticing poor AC humidity control, you might notice inconsistent temperatures and inadequate cooling. This situation either calls for AC replacement or AC repair in Central Kansas.

Want to boost your humidity control? Here are three ways to get your AC to more effectively remove moisture from your home:

  • Preventative maintenance: It’s important that your HVAC system is properly maintained throughout the year. This helps to prevent costly repair needs and increases humidity control. Sign up for an AC maintenance plan for scheduled inspections, tune-ups and cleanings—all of which contribute to better humidity control.
  • Clean coils: Consider cleaning the coils yourself between professional inspections. This is actually the first thing you should try when you notice a humidity problem, because humid air is rough on condenser coils. Remove dirt and debris to prevent grimy buildup that will suffocate the unit with the heat that is trapped.
  • Adjust airflow: A qualified HVAC technician may be able to simply adjust your AC system’s airflow to make the evaporator coil cooler when there’s a spike in humidity. The result? More moisture removal and better HVAC system humidity control.

Don’t ignore a humidity problem inside your home. Call the professionals at K V K Inc. for AC repair in Central Kansas!

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