Air Conditioner Problems that Can Trigger Your Heater to Turn On

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Have you ever set your air conditioning system to a low cool setting, only to feel warm air blowing in through the vents? You’re not alone. If this is happening to you, then there’s a good chance you are experiencing a malfunctioning HVAC system. One reason your heater is being activated on the cool setting may have to do with an electrical issue within the central air conditioning unit—including faulty electronics in the furnace, shorted wiring or an electrical problem with the thermostat.

If you suspect or know your heating system is turning on when it’s not supposed to, call a professional HVAC service in Central Kansas right away. Don’t touch anything electrical! Keep yourself safe and avoid making matters worse before a tech arrives.

Before assuming the worst, though, first check to see if your system thermostat is actually set to “cool.” Seems simple, right? You’d be surprised just how many times HVAC companies get called out to a home with a supposedly malfunctioning AC, only to discover the thermostat setting was changed accidentally. However, if your AC is indeed set to “cool,” then a common air conditioner problem could be to blame. Here’s what could be causing your heater to turn on.

Faulty thermostat

You might think your thermostat is faulty, but it will take an experienced HVAC technician to give a proper diagnosis. What you can do is inspect the system’s thermostat. For example, you can check for lost power, or change the batteries in a battery-powered thermostat. If the thermostat screen is blank, make sure the breaker hasn’t been tripped. A technician may discover it’s defective. Replace it and see if that fixes the problem.

Faulty thermostat connection

An expert may perform tests and inspections as a part of HVAC service in Central Kansas to see if the thermostat’s connection to the furnace and air conditioning unit is disconnected. If this is not the issue, they’ll check to make sure the wiring from the thermostat to the units has not shorted out. In either situation, your thermostat may be set to “cool,” but the furnace and AC unit won’t know because of a bad connection. Or, the heater might turn on due to a short caused by water or pest damage. A professional heating and cooling company can work their magic to restore the connection.

Furnace has electrical problems

The components of a central heating and air conditioning system work closely together. For instance, the furnace is important even during summertime AC use—its blower is responsible for circulating cold air throughout your house. The furnace is made up of a network of circuit boards and wires. As the years pass or damage occurs, the unit’s circuit boards can malfunction and short out. This may cause the furnace to misread the cooling signals it receives from the AC. Therefore, the thermostat is not understood, which can trigger the heater to come on.

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