Watch for These Signs to Keep Your AC Healthy This Summer

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Your air conditioning system gets used the most during the hot summer months, and malfunctions can be cause for serious summertime discomfort. Here are the most common air conditioning repair issues to watch out for this summer to ensure your AC functions properly all season long.

Strange noises

Hearing unfamiliar sounds upon startup is a common sign of possible air conditioner problems. If you’ve had your current air conditioning system for some time now, chances are you’ll notice if it’s making unusual noises when running. For the majority of AC units, a regular cooling cycle starts off with the sound of the compressor kicking on, followed by the hum of fan blades as they rotate and run.

Pay attention to and don’t ignore unusual noises such as clanging, clattering or banging, which can mean mechanical parts are loose. Signs of trouble often begin as minor glitches. Something may flicker like the power is about to fail, then manifest into loud banging, typically as the compressor is giving out. Hissing could mean refrigerant is escaping, while grinding may indicate wear on the motor.

Odd smells

Much like hearing strange noises coming from your air conditioning system, noticing unusual odors could be a sign of AC problems on the horizon, but not always. If your nose does pick up an odd smell, first check the air filter. When was the last time you changed it? Is the filter clogged with debris? Carefully remove the filter and see if it’s dirty. If it is, replace it with a new one and run the AC for a few minutes.

Should the foul smell persist, the problem might be inside your ducts. Mold, mildew and bacteria could be growing in there, meaning every time the AC turns on, the air is circulating nasty spores throughout your house. Consider hiring an HVAC professional for a system inspection or duct cleaning.

Short cycles

Your home’s air conditioning system is designed to turn on and stay on until it cools down the indoor environment to the your desired temperature. A system that is short cycling will turn on and off rapidly, never reaching the temperature set on the thermostat. This is a telltale sign of a serious problem. Call an AC professional if you hear the compressor cycling on and off every 15 minutes or so—the compressor is not finishing the entire cooling cycle and is instead shutting down prematurely only to restart suddenly a short time later.

Uneven cooling

One of the more subtle signs of an air conditioning problem is uneven cooling in the rooms of your home. For the most part, all the rooms in the home should be receiving the same level of cool air. If not, then something is probably wrong. The issue could be poor wall insulation, air leaks around windows and doors, choked ductwork or inadequate ventilation. Worst case scenario, you might actually need a system upgrade, not a repair.

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