Why You Should Consider Ductless Heating and Cooling in Central Kansas

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When searching for the right heating and cooling system, homeowners must strike a balance between efficiency and how much they are willing to pay to install and maintain that system. Fortunately, there is a solution that will allow you to fulfill both of these needs. Follow along with this guide to learn more about just a few of the many benefits that making the switch to ductless heating and cooling in central Kansas can provide:

  • Flexibility: Ductless systems can be equally effective whether working to heat and cool the entire house or specific rooms. Providing a cost-effective replacement for space heaters and window air conditioning units, these systems can be used in new construction, remodels and individual apartments or rooms.
  • Increased efficiency: Thoughtfully designed with an eye on efficiency, ductless heating and cooling systems offer savings that are hard to match. A large part of the reason why HVAC systems, particularly older ones, are so expensive is because of the heating and cooling losses that lead to increased inefficiency. With ductless systems, this loss is reduced significantly, as the air is delivered directly into the space. You can also create designated temperature zones, as it is likely that every room in your house doesn’t need the same amount of warm or cold air. Keeping the areas that you don’t spend as much time in set to a temperature that reflects this usage (or lack thereof) can go a long way in reducing your annual energy bills.
  • Minimize carbon footprint: This improved efficiency also means that there will be less carbon output from your system, which will help to reduce your home’s overall carbon footprint. Additionally, when utilizing a zero-ozone depletion refrigerant, the harmful effects on the environment are drastically minimized with ductless systems.
  • Improved air quality: When duct cleaning is neglected with standard HVAC systems, the air quality in the home will suffer. Those who have existing upper respiratory issues could experience exacerbated symptoms as a result, and may even become sick. With ductless systems, all of the dust, bacteria and allergens that would otherwise make their way into your home are sent through a multi-level filtration system for added protection.
  • Easy installation: Ductwork systems can be very complex and take a substantial amount of work to install. With ductless heating and cooling, however, depending on how many indoor and outdoor units you will need, it is possible that your entire system could be up and running in a day. There will also be very little disturbance to your home during installation. Needing only a few small holes, you won’t have to make any huge amendments to your home to make room for your new ductless system.

Whether you have an old, inefficient system that needs to be replaced, or you are looking for the best option as you prepare to move to a new home, contact the team at KVK Inc. to learn more about ductless systems. Ductless heating and cooling in central Kansas offers a customizable, efficient, environmentally-friendly solution to temperature control, and can lead to big savings for you and your family. To find out how you can make the switch, just give us a call today!

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