How Often Should I Have My Furnace Inspected?

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Many furnace manufacturers recommend annual inspections. Generally, a new furnace or tube heater in Central Kansas can be fine with inspections every other year, but after 10 years, they should undergo annual inspections. While this may seem like a gimmick, there are good reasons to schedule regular inspections. Here are five reasons why:

  • Prevent major issues: Technicians estimate that 75 percent of no-heat calls in winter are due to failure to maintain. An inspection checks for blockages, leaks, effective combustion, rust or structural damage, debris and ignition. Technicians also test systems to be sure the furnace motors blow and wiring is intact. If you find these issues before a breakdown and repair them, you will not be waking up at 2 a.m. to a cold house and an expensive emergency repair call. While you will pay for the inspection, the cost will not be nearly as high as for unexpected repairs.
  • Improved energy efficiency: Even if your furnace runs well all winter, a lack of maintenance could leave it running inefficiently. That raises energy bills and wastes resources. Some maintenance steps that increase efficiency are as simple as changing out a filter, while other issues are related to poor electrical components or compromised blower function. These issues can also lead to a breakdown so you end up with high utility bills and a repair bill. Inspections allow you to make informed decisions about energy efficiency and whether new measures are needed, like a programmable thermostat or an updated furnace.
  • Safer home: Carbon monoxide poisoning is a danger in every home with a natural gas furnace or tube heater. If you neglect the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors, you risk serious consequences, including death. Inspections reveal carbon monoxide leaks that could sicken or kill people. Around 500 people die of carbon monoxide poisoning every year, and another 15,000 end up in emergency rooms to treat headaches, nausea and dizziness. Arranging for regular inspections prevents your household from joining these statistics.
  • Longevity: Your HVAC system can run efficiently for up to 20 years with regular maintenance, including inspections. After that time, it is usually a good idea to upgrade to a more efficient system, since this technology changes frequently. However, since HVAC systems are expensive to replace and you need them to be reliable, you likely want your furnace to last as long as possible. Finding problems before they require repairs will save you money and also ensure your furnace‚Äôs long lifespan.
  • Maintain warranties: Many companies offer long warranties on furnaces, but those come with conditions. One of them includes regular inspections and maintenance. A warranty comes in handy if your system is deficient and requires frequent repairs or even a full replacement. If you are not keeping up with maintenance, that all comes from your bank account rather than the manufacturer.

KVK Inc. offers repair, maintenance and inspection services for your furnace or tube heater in Central Kansas. Call us today to ask about our maintenance plans and avoid unpleasant surprises this winter.

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