What Should I Know About Tube Heaters?

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Looking for an alternative heating solution for your building? Infrared tube heating (which we’ll refer to as tube heating for short) offers property owners a quiet, comfortable, clean heating source that is extremely energy efficient and easy to install.

Tube heaters in central Kansas operate similarly to the sun’s rays as they warm the earth. Think of it this way—the sun shines on the earth, resulting in people, objects and surfaces absorbing those rays and warming up. Additional heat gets released back into space through the process of radiation. In an infrared tube heater setting, there is a constant cycle of those rays being used to provide heat, and radiation releasing the heat back. In this way, you’re able to maintain your desired ambient temperature in your home without having to worry about much heat loss.

In fact, tube heaters in central Kansas use all primary methods of heat transfer: convection, conduction and radiation. Convection occurs when any heated objects or people release their stored warmth back into the space. Conduction, then, occurs when the tube’s open flame heats the interior and exterior surfaces, which creates infrared energy. Finally, radiation occurs when the heated tube releases that radiant energy into the space.

The main benefits of tube heaters

So, what are the biggest benefits associated with the use of infrared tube heaters? Here’s a quick overview:

  • Easy operation: Tube heaters are easy to install and use. Not only do they operate efficiently, but their low maintenance requirements mean you can expect continued easy operation for years to come.
  • Energy efficient: Tube heaters can reduce energy bills by as much as 50 percent over other heating systems.
  • Quiet: Tube heaters are very quiet while running, because they primarily use radiant heating methods. This makes them much softer than forced air systems.
  • Lower temperatures: You can set your thermostat for lower indoor air temperatures if you wish, because of the infrared heat absorption and radiation of any objects and people that are in your home.
  • Infrared spectrum: Infrared is just one part of the electromagnetic spectrum, between visible light we see all around us and microwaves. This is part of why it is so energy efficient.
  • No drafts: One of the biggest benefits of infrared tube heating in terms of the comfort it provides is that it cuts out drafts in your home. There’s no need to have large fans to push warm air around the building—the heating is created with radiant energy.
  • Heat reservoirs: The use of tube heaters allows for infrared heating energy to be stored within objects in the building, then released back into the space for convection. This makes for a very quick heat recovery process.

These are just a few examples of some of the biggest benefits associated with the use of tube heaters in central Kansas. For more information about tube heaters, their installation and how to operate them, we encourage you to get in touch with the team at KVK Inc. to arrange a consultation.

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