Why Is My HVAC Making Noise?

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The summer sun is already doing its best to scorch Kansas from border to border, and the residents of our little corner of the Sunflower State are sure to be feeling the heat. It’s times like this when we’re all grateful for the gift of air conditioning. That is, we’re excited for a break from the hot summer weather until our HVAC system begins to act up and make strange noises.

While not all AC noise is necessarily bad, specific sounds may require help from a talented air conditioning service in central Kansas.

Noise isn’t always a reason to be afraid

Any homeowner with central air conditioning knows that all HVAC systems make a little bit of noise. There’s a heavy click when the system kicks on. There’s a low rumble as the compressor circulates air through your system. Sometimes there is a low thump when the system turns off. None of these noises are cause for alarm.

However, some unusual noises should have you picking up the phone and dialing a competent air conditioning service in central Kansas as soon as possible.

Knocking, banging and screeching

It can be very alarming to hear a series of rattles and squeals from your HVAC system when you need it to run on a hot day. As unsettling as they may be, the sounds you’re hearing are most likely small fixes like a broken belt or a loose fixture. A skilled professional will most likely be able to identify and take care of these problems in just a few minutes.

Cracking and snapping

Your HVAC unit is working just fine when, all of a sudden, you begin to hear a loud racket coming from your outdoor unit. Most likely, this sound means a small branch or twig has found its way past your protective gate and into your fan blades. Though they may not appear to pose a significant threat to the overall function of your HVAC, these obstructions need to be removed by a professional who can determine if any further damage has been caused.

A hiss of running air

As we said, you can always expect some noise when cold air is rushing through the vents in your home. Anything louder than that, however, is cause for concern. A hiss could mean that there is a leak in your coolant line. A vibrating noise could indicate some kind of obstruction, either at the vents or internally.

Get your HVAC answers

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