How to Prepare Your AC for Colder Weather

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Just because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean it’s time to just shut down the air conditioner and forget about it until you need it next summer. On the contrary, there’s no better time to perform basic AC maintenance in Central Kansas and be sure you’re setting it up to succeed for the next year (and many years after that).

Winter air conditioner maintenance is a great way to fix any minor issues before they become major ones, while also feeling confident that you’re keeping your AC safe from the adverse effects of our famous winter weather. Read on for some more tips about how you can prepare your AC system for the colder part of the year.

Clean and cover the condenser unit

The condenser unit is the part of the air conditioning system that’s outside your house, and as such, it can accumulate quite a bit of natural debris over the course of the year. First, you must turn off the power before completing any additional steps. Next, you can use a regular vacuum to suck up the debris on the exterior fins before unscrewing the top grill. You can then vacuum up the interior of the unit while also using a damp cloth to clean up surfaces.

Finally, use a garden hose to spray down the fins from the inside facing out. After that, you should be good to go. You can also add a piece of plywood or a specially-designed AC cover to prevent excess moisture and nesting by small animals over the winter. Preparing the AC for cold weather in Central Kansas often just requires a little light housekeeping!

Do some landscaping

A key part of AC maintenance in Central Kansas that many homeowners neglect or simply don’t know about is making sure the area around the unit is clear, which will help to prevent debris from entering the system. This means regularly clearing back any overgrowth that’s coming close to the unit, like tall grass or even branches and leaves from above. Ideally, you want the unit to have three feet of clearance on all sides for maximum safety and reliability.

Do one last check

It’s time to run the unit one last time—stand next to the compressor and really listen to it. If you hear any clunking, grinding or other weird noises, it’s time to call the pros at KVK, Inc. to make sure that these problems are addressed well ahead of time. AC maintenance in Central Kansas is normally a matter of making periodic inspections, so it’s important to not neglect them.

The air conditioning maintenance and repair teams at KVK Inc. are standing by and ready to help you prepare you entire unit for the long winter months. There’s nothing worse than going to turn on your air conditioner on the first hot day of the year and hearing nothing happen, so prevent that by acting well in advance. You’ll be thanking yourself when the first sweaty day rolls around next year!

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