How iWave Keeps the Area Around You Clean

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The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has had more people and businesses than ever looking into upgrading their properties’ air purifying systems. There are few better options available on the market than the iWave to serve as an office air cleaning filter system in Central Kansas, or even a home air purifier.

iWave can be installed in any ducted air condition system. Here’s an overview of everything you should know about it and why it’s so highly sought after in our current pandemic climate.

How iWave works

iWave gets installed inside your ducted AC system. As air passes over it, ions produced by iWave cut down on the number of pathogens, allergens, odors, smoke and particles in the air, which creates a healthier interior atmosphere without creating any unhealthy byproducts as a result of the purification process.

The technology that is at the core of iWave is referred to as needle-point bipolar ionization. The purpose of this technology is to generate equal numbers of positive and negative ions that, when injected into the air, are able to break down any pollutants that pass through the area, and reduce gases into harmless compounds like carbon dioxide, oxygen, water vapor and nitrogen.

If the ions created by iWave come into contact with viruses, mold or bacteria, they attack the hydrogen molecules and remove them from those harmful substances. Without hydrogen molecules, these types of pathogens do not have any energy source, meaning they will die off and no longer be a threat to the air quality in your building. In a similar way, ions will also latch onto certain types of allergens like pollens or other contaminant particles, resulting in them banding together until they’re large enough that they can be filtered out by your ventilation system.

The technology used by iWave to generate these ions is very similar to the natural processes used via lightning, ocean waves and waterfalls to create ions of their own. The natural shear and energy in these circumstances breaks apart molecules to naturally clean and purify the air to create a healthier environment. iWave manages to accomplish this task but without developing any ozone as a byproduct, which is actually better for the environment.

Why choose iWave?

We’ve already mentioned the fact that iWave air purifiers do not create any harmful byproducts—this in itself is a significant advantage over many other air purifiers on the market. But there are other reasons to opt for this brand as well.

iWave is generally considered to have the most effective air purification technology. While other common air purifiers require ongoing maintenance and frequent bulb or cell replacement, iWave allows you to enjoy years of maintenance-free performance due to its self-cleaning design, which will save you significant amounts of money throughout your years of ownership.

In addition, you can often find excellent warranties on iWave technology.

For more information about the benefits of iWave and how to filter and clean the air around you in Central Kansas using its technology, contact KVK Inc. today.

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