Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairs

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There’s nothing worse than having a furnace go out during the cold winter months in central Kansas. Like every home appliance, furnaces suffer from the regular wear and tear of extended use, and because they are turned off for half the year, they can develop problems you may not know about.

Being aware of several signs that your furnace needs repairs will help you keep your heat on and running smoothly through the winter. Here are several indicators that your central Kansas furnace needs repairs—keep an eye out as you’re heating your home this winter, and call a technician if you experience any issues.

Use your senses

Furnaces can smell like fuel when you turn them on for the first time for the season, and no furnace is completely silent, but if your heating system is creating loud noises or odd odors, chances are you have a problem. Don’t ignore strange clanking, wheezing or unpleasant burning or rotten smells, as they can be several indicators that your furnace needs repairs.

Persistent noises that sound like screeching, squealing or whistling could come from belt or fan issues, while banging or groaning sounds could be caused by broken or loose internal components. If your furnace smells more strongly of fuel than usual, or is emitting a burning or smoky smell or a rotten-egg odor, it could be suffering from a gas leak or burning off excessive dust inside the unit.

If any of these signs are occurring, be sure to get your furnace checked by a professional as soon as possible. Putting off maintenance and repairs will only cause more problems in the long run, and some of these indicators that your central Kansas furnace needs repairs could be dangerous.

Starting issues

Older furnaces have a harder time turning on. If you have to try several times to start your furnace, or if you have a hard time keeping it running and have to restart it, these can be indicators that your furnace has disconnected wiring or a damaged thermostat.

Low heat or high bills

Even if you’re not regularly checking your furnace for other indicators that it needs repairs, you will notice if it stops doing its job. If your central Kansas home is cold no matter how high you set the thermostat, or if your last energy bill was so unusually high that you thought the utility company had made a mistake, you’ll want to get your unit inspected and repaired. An inefficient furnace will waste energy and your hard-earned money. Low heat can be caused by leaking ductwork or faulty thermostats, both of which the experts at KVK Inc. can repair.

Bad air quality

Furnaces have carbon monoxide detectors to protect you from this toxic gas, but an old or damaged furnace can affect air quality in more subtle ways that will still affect you. Bad air quality can cause respiratory problems, itchiness, watery eyes and headaches. Sometimes, these issues can be addressed by simply replacing your furnace’s filter. Other times, your ductwork and unit may need to be professionally cleaned.

Don’t wait to fix your furnace

The sooner you catch any problems with your furnace, the better. Being proactive with regular furnace maintenance and repair will help extend the lifespan of your unit. If you live in central Kansas and notice any of these indicators that your furnace needs repairs, schedule an appointment with the experts at KVK Inc. today!

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