Everything You Should Know About AC Maintenance Plans

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The average homeowner runs their AC and heating system for 3,200 hours each year. That means that if you drove your car as frequently as you run your home’s HVAC system, you would put 200,000 miles on your vehicle each year! You wouldn’t dream of driving that often without getting a vehicle tune-up. So why would you neglect to schedule routine HVAC maintenance?

Reputable heating and air conditioning companies offer an AC maintenance plan in Central Kansas that helps ensure your unit runs to the best of its ability throughout the summer. Continue reading to learn a bit more about these maintenance plans.

What’s involved in an AC maintenance plan?

Professional AC maintenance—which should occur in the spring or early summer—includes a variety of different items. In addition to changing your air filter (which needs to be done frequently), your HVAC pro will remove debris from the outside condenser and clean the inside of the unit if needed.

Then your pro will tighten all electrical connections and lubricate the moving parts in the system. A reputable technician will then inspect the condensate drain to ensure there are no blockages and check the refrigerant levels to make sure there aren’t any leaks.

Once we’ve completed all necessary maintenance items, we’ll double-check that the system is running as it should and that there are no noticeable issues that require immediate repairs.

What are the benefits of an AC maintenance plan?

It’s true that an AC maintenance plan in Central Kansas isn’t free. But it’s also true that it’s worth the price. These are a few reasons to opt in to a routine maintenance plan:

  • Fewer repairs: Because your unit is fully tuned up for the season, you can rest easy knowing that it won’t suffer a mid-season breakdown. These emergency repairs are typically more expensive than a yearly maintenance plan, so it’ll pay for itself in no time.
  • Comfortable summers: Anyone who’s ever had their AC quit working in the dog days of summer knows that it’s no fun! When your air conditioner functions as it should throughout the season, you’ll stay cool and comfortable in your own home.
  • Longer lifespan: Yearly tune-ups and longer unit lifespan go hand in hand. Keeping your AC parts tight and well-lubricated guarantees that the system will function as it should for up to 20 years. Additionally, routine maintenance ensures you retain your warranty.

Why choose the KVK Inc. maintenance plan?

Don’t just turn to anyone for your yearly AC maintenance—be sure to call KVK Inc. Our Discount Club Membership Maintenance Plan includes bi-annual performance checks (one for the AC and one for the furnace) and new filters and humidifier pads (if needed). We don’t charge overtime fees for folks in our discount club, and we offer 10 percent off all parts and equipment.

The choice is clear if you need an AC maintenance plan in Central Kansas. Now is a great time to start thinking about AC maintenance, so call us today to get a quote for your plan.

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