What Is Ductless AC and How Does It Work?

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For years, the best option for cooling a home has been a central AC system composed of indoor and outdoor air conditioning units and a whole network of ductwork running through the house. That’s not the case anymore, thanks to ductless AC systems. Continue reading to learn more about ductless systems and how ductless AC can work for you in Central Kansas.

How does a ductless AC system work?

As the name suggests, a ductless AC system doesn’t require any messy ductwork to supply your home with refreshing air. At its most basic, the system is composed of an indoor unit and one outdoor unit connected by refrigerant tubing and electrical wires.

The outdoor compressor pumps chemical refrigerant through the copper tubing while the indoor unit blows the cool air directly to the room, eliminating the need for air ducts.

A homeowner can opt to install a single- or a multi-zone ductless system. A single-zone system includes one outdoor compressor connected directly to a single indoor unit. If you choose a multi-zone system, one compressor powers up to five indoor units, which are each controlled by their own wireless remote.

Where are ductless systems most useful?

A ductless system can be used in any space that needs refreshing AC; however, they’re most commonly installed in older homes or buildings that don’t already have ductwork or where installing new ducts would be tricky. You may also opt to install ductless AC after you’ve added a room to your home, as it’s a much cheaper and more efficient option than running new ductwork to the space.

We recommend talking to an air conditioning contractor about how ductless AC can work for you in Central Kansas, as they’re the industry experts.

Advantages of ductless AC systems

The reasons to install a ductless AC system far outweigh the cons. If you’re looking to save money while cooling your home, ductless units are right for you. Because there are no ducts, you can reduce your energy bill by up to 30 percent by going with a ductless system.

Ductless AC systems are also quick and easy to install. All a professional needs to do is mount your indoor and outdoor units and drill a three-inch hole in the wall to run the conduit.

Cons of ductless AC systems

Unfortunately, ductless AC systems aren’t for everyone. The largest complaint we hear is that they’re not as powerful as a traditional air conditioning system. So, they’re not a great option if you’re trying to cool a big space.

You’ll also need to hire a trained professional to install your ductless AC. Trying to do it yourself or hiring someone who’s ill-trained in ductless units can lead to expensive operating costs. That said, this problem also holds true for installing a traditional AC system.

Talk to our team about your AC options

If you’re in the market for a new cooling system, it can’t hurt to look into ductless AC. Give our specialists at KVK Inc. a call today to learn more about how ductless AC can work for you in Central Kansas or to set up a consultation for installation.

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