What You Should Know About the iWave Air Purifier

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Whether you have allergies, respiratory issues or just love the odorless experience of breathing truly clean air, the iWave air purifier is a great choice. It’s installed in conjunction with your air conditioner to provide enough clean, fresh air to transform your entire home’s atmosphere.

If you’ve been worried about the air quality in your home and want to ensure better indoor air quality, read on. Here’s why our heating and cooling experts love the iWave air purifier—and why we think you will, too:

  • Drastically improves your air quality: Smoke, mold, bad smells, bacteria, static electricity, allergens and microscopic debris may be present in your indoor air. That makes it a lot harder—and more unpleasant—to breathe. Air purifiers generate ions in order to clean the air and trap harmful particles. While most air purifiers on the market can pump out 120 to 150 million ions, the iWave air purifier is able to generate over 160 million ions. This makes it one of the best choices out there. It uses both positive and negative ions to charge the air, trap particles and kill germs before sending the clean air through your ductwork. You’ll never have to worry about airborne viruses, bacteria, allergens and mold—let alone the smells that pets, kids and teenagers tend to generate.
  • Easy to install: Your iWave air purifier requires professional installation. Luckily, it’s an easy and fast job for heating and cooling pros, like the team at KVK Inc. It takes just 15 minutes to install the air purifier inside or outside of a duct, or near the indoor fan in the air handler. Once your HVAC contractor sets up the air purifier, all you need to do is plug it into a power source. While many homeowners want to do it themselves, an HVAC contractor has the skills and knowledge to ensure the air purifier is working at maximum efficiency.
  • No maintenance necessary: While it’s smart to set up twice-yearly HVAC inspections, that can still be a pain. Your heater or air conditioner can’t be used during the service appointments—and that’s assuming you can find the time in your busy schedule. That’s why you’ll love the iWave air purifier. There’s no maintenance required—not even changing the filter. In fact, your iWave air purifier is a self-cleaning device. You can choose whether it should be cleaned every day, or every three, five or 10 days. All you have to do is turn it on and choose the cleaning schedule you prefer.

You can’t put a price on good respiratory health—or how great it feels to simply breathe fresh, clean air. When your home’s indoor air quality leaves something to be desired, the iWave air purifier is a smart choice.

To learn more about the iWave air purifier, or to have one of our heating and cooling pros help install your new device, get in touch with the team at KVK Inc. today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you!

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