Guide to Shutting Off Your AC Unit for the Cooler Weather

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As fall gets in full swing and temperatures start to drop, you need to put your air conditioner in rest mode in advance of the cold winter weather.

Follow these helpful tips from the HVAC service pros to protect your system from the elements and ensure it’s ready to cool your home as soon as warm temperatures arrive next year.

Schedule any necessary repairs

Reaching out to your preferred HVAC service provider is the first thing you should do when prepping your air-conditioning unit for the fall. Your maintenance technician will do a check of your system to take care of any operational issues you’ve noticed throughout the summer.

If you let any issues fester over the course of the winter and spring, you may be dealing with major problems right when it’s time to kick on the AC to combat the warm weather. Get it done before winter hits, and you’ll be able to appreciate quality cooling as soon as you need it next summer.

Turn it off—the right way

While your air-conditioning unit can sense cooler temperatures and turn off on its own, it’s best to completely shut down the system for the cold weather ahead. Find the electrical circuit, and switch it off. Why is it important to do this? On unusually-warm winter days, the unit may turn on and create water during the cooling process, only to freeze when the temperature dips again. If you manually shut the unit off, you won’t run the risk of freezing water damaging your unit in the winter.

Get it clean

Air conditioners are constantly exposed to the elements, and they can become coated in dust, dirt, dead insects and debris throughout the summer months. Make sure your unit is clean before cold temperatures arrive. Start by clearing the area surrounding the unit, trimming back any grass or foliage and sweeping hard surfaces. Rinse the exterior of all grime, and allow it to dry before installing an appropriate cover.

Keep it covered

Installing a cover (or several separate covers) keeps your unit protected from the elements during the winter season. Use any of the following methods (or a combination) for maximum protection:

  • Structural cover: If your unit has a condenser that needs to be protected by a shelter or structure, install a cover with a minimum of 3 feet of clearance on all sides and on top of the unit.
  • Waterproof cover: A traditional waterproof AC cover usually gets the job done when it comes to protecting an outdoor air-conditioning unit. Use a bungee cord to keep it secure all winter long.
  • Plywood sheeting: Keep water, ice and debris out of the unit by laying a cut plywood sheet on top of the unit and weighing it down with a stone or brick.

Your air conditioner is a valuable piece of equipment, and you need to do what you can to keep it protected from the elements throughout the cold months of winter. Learn more by contacting the trusted HVAC service experts at KVK Inc. We’ll handle any repairs and maintenance concerns and make sure your unit is ready to go as soon as warm weather arrives.

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