The Benefits of Having Ductless AC in Your Home

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Thinking about investing in a ductless air-conditioning system for your home? While central HVAC systems are the standard method for heating and cooling a home, ductless air-conditioning systems are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a much more efficient way to cool specific areas or rooms in a home.

Here are just five of the benefits of adding ductless AC to your home.

Improved energy efficiency

One of the main reasons homeowners are investigating ductless AC units as their preferred heating-and-cooling method is the increase in energy efficiency. Traditional air conditioners cycle on and off to maintain consistent temperature, wasting tons of electricity. Ductless systems, on the other hand, continuously make small adjustments to maintain the ideal temperature, saving energy in the process.

Zoned temperature control

Tired of wasting money cooling your entire house rather than just the rooms you use the most? Maybe you’re just sick of family squabbles over temperature? Ductless AC systems allow for zoned temperature control, so you can cool only the rooms you need to, not the rest.

For example, if you install a unit in each room, every member of the family can set the unit to their liking and maintain their desired temperature. Not only is life more pleasant for everyone in the family, but you’ll also save on your energy bills by switching off units in rooms that aren’t in use.

Efficient use of space

Ductless air conditioners are extremely low-profile and compact. There’s really no comparison between them and the bulky, obtrusive and complex central HVAC systems. Ductless systems only consist of two major parts: the indoor air handler and the outdoor condenser/compressor or heat pump. There are even discreet solutions that can be installed on the ceiling, keeping them completely out of the way and out of sight.

Improved indoor air quality

If you or anyone else in your household suffer from allergies, ductless air-conditioning systems are an excellent choice instead of traditional HVAC systems. Ductless air conditioners contain air-purifying filters that remove germs, dust, pollen, mildew and odor-causing gases from the air, continuously circulating fresh air throughout your home. You and your entire family will breathe more easily with the help of a ductless AC system.

Reduced maintenance concerns

All it takes to keep a ductless air conditioner in excellent shape is regular filter cleanings. Keep an eye on the vents and outdoor portion of the unit, and remove any debris to maintain proper airflow. Compared to traditional central AC units (which require regular ductwork cleaning and sealing of duct leaks), maintenance of ductless systems is a breeze, and properly-maintained units can last up to 20 years or longer.

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