Several Signs That Your AC Unit Is Going Out

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Air conditioners have an average expected lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. If your AC unit is in that age range, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for the signs of a broken air conditioner.

Being mindful of the warning signs your AC is about to break is important because you could prolong its life if you take action quickly enough. Even if repairing the unit is no longer an option, you can still prepare in advance if you know it is on the verge of breaking.

Read through the warning signs below so that you’re not caught off guard by your air conditioner suddenly dying.

Inadequate Airflow

One of the first indicators that your air conditioner is not in peak condition is poor airflow. Poor airflow can stem from issues like clogged filters, a dusty evaporator coil, or a broken blower fan. This type of problem can affect both new and old units.

Thankfully, many of the issues known to cause inadequate airflow can be addressed fairly easily. Once the issue is fixed, you may be able to use your AC unit like normal again. Inadequate airflow could be a sign that your unit is about to break down, but it could also be a minor speed bump.

Warm Air

After a long day spent in the sweltering heat, you just want to relax at home with the AC on blast. Sadly, your AC unit may betray you by blowing warm air instead of cold air.

Air conditioners that produce warm air are likely affected by either a refrigerant leak or a broken compressor. Those are serious issues that need to be addressed quickly, so don’t delay the necessary repairs.

Unusual Odors

Air conditioners can impact the temperature inside a room, but that should be it. They should not affect how your room smells.

If you sense a musty odor hanging in the air while the AC is running, that’s an indicator that mold is likely growing inside that appliance. Address this problem by cleaning the unit.

A burning smell coming from the air conditioner is much more concerning. That smell likely means that some wires have burned up. You may have to replace the unit, depending on how bad the burns are.

Loud and Unpleasant Noises

Many air conditioners emit a low hum when they are working. That is perfectly normal. However, something may be seriously wrong with the unit if it is producing other kinds of noises.

Grinding, rattling, and squeaking noises are potential indicators that some components inside the AC unit are busted. Those components must be repaired quickly if you want to salvage your air conditioner.

More Expensive Electric Bills

Lastly, a spike in your electric bills could also be a sign that your air conditioner is close to breaking.

Generally speaking, air conditioners become less efficient as they age. If you notice that you are spending more and more to keep your air conditioner running, it may be time to replace it.

Air conditioners can last for a long time if they are maintained properly, but they still won’t become permanent fixtures of your household. Refer to the warning signs detailed above so you can tell if your air conditioner needs to be replaced soon.

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