Signs That Your Furnace Filter Needs Replacing

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Never underestimate the importance of filters in your heating or AC system. Filters can truly make or break a system. The filters on your furnace will need to be checked and replaced frequently. You need to know when it is time to replace your furnace filter. This quick guide will help you better understand how to tell your furnace filter needs replacing.

Energy Bills Going Up

If your energy bills are going up, but there has not been a rate hike, it could be because of your filters. A clogged filter will cause the entire system to run less efficiently. When a system is not running efficiently, it uses more and more energy. This, in turn, causes your bills to creep up. Professionals estimate that keeping filters properly changed out can save you up to 15% on energy bills.

Repeated Sickness

Another surprising sign that your filter needs changing is that you or your household members repeatedly get sick. Filters keep dirt, dust, debris, and bacteria out of your air system. When the filters are old and dirty, they cannot do this job properly. This will lead to dirty air which can make you sick.

Burning Smells

If you start to notice a burning smell, it could be your filter. This can be dangerous as clogged filters have been known to cause a furnace to overheat. The furnace needs the right amount of air to operate properly and safely. If the filters are clogged, this air cannot get in. Replace the filters as soon as possible if you start to smell something burning.

Not Heating Well/Running Too Long

You will also start to notice that the furnace simply isn’t heating like it used to. You may also notice that it is running for longer and longer periods of time. This is all because the system is not running efficiently. An efficient system will warm up quickly and shut off frequently once a temp has been reached. It cannot do its job when the filters are dirty or clogged.

You Are Dusting More Often

Another subtle sign that your filters need changing is that you are seeing more and more dust accumulating in your home. If you find that you need to dust more frequently than in the past, it could be caused by a bad furnace filter. Filters will keep your air cleaner, and this means less dust accumulation and less housework for you.

A dusty house isn’t just more work, it could also be bad for your lungs. If someone in your home has weak lungs or respiratory problems, this could also complicate their health.

Easy Solution

Changing your furnace filters is not hard; it is just one of those chores that often gets forgotten. To help you remember, you could set reminders on your phone for period filter changes. If you would like professional help, contact a local HVAC technician.

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