Trouble Shooting Tips for When Your Heater Won’t Turn On

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In our modern world, we have grown accustomed to flipping a switch and turning something on instantly. When that doesn’t work, we want the problem solved fast. This is especially true of important home systems such as your heating. During the cold winter months, you want your heat to switch on quickly. This quick guide will provide some troubleshooting guidelines to help you know what to do when your heater won’t turn on. We’ll look at some common reasons why your heater won’t turn on and how to solve them.


The thermostat is often where heating system problems originate. First, check to see that the batteries are still good. If the battery has died, replace it quickly to get your heat running again.

If the thermostat is hardwired, you should check to see if it has been blown out due to a power outage. This can cause the thermostat to temporarily lose settings.

If you have a smart thermostat, you should check to see that it is still online. Wi-Fi interruptions could have caused it to temporarily stop working. If it appears that the thermostat is not working, but you do not know how to fix it, reach out to a local HVAC professional.

Check the Circuit Breaker

You should check your breaker box to see if anything has thrown a breaker. This can sometimes happen because of a power surge or power outage.

Check That System Is On

If you recently had the system serviced, it could be that the technician turned the system off. Also, make sure that the system is set to heat and not cool. This is a simple mistake that gets made often.

Check the Pilot Light

If the furnace has a pilot light, you should check to be sure this has not blown out. If it has, and you feel comfortable doing so, relight the pilot. If you are not comfortable doing this, contact a local professional to help.

Check Gas Supply

You should check to see that the gas supply is sufficient and that it is turned on if you have a gas heating system.

Check Filters

If the filters on your system have become dirty and clogged, the system may not be working efficiently. Clogged filters can even cause damage to your system over time, causing it to shut down entirely. Keep your filters changed regularly to avoid this problem.

Check Temp Setting

The system will not come on unless the thermostat signals that the set temp has not been reached. Check the temp settings to ensure they are set where you want them.

Check for Ice or Water

If you have a heat pump, you should check to see if there are puddles of water accumulating or ice on the system. Either of these issues signals that there is not the proper amount of refrigerant. You should know that replacing refrigerant is not a DIY job. You will need a professional who is licensed to handle refrigerant in order to complete this task.

If you are having issues with your heating system, don’t wait until it’s too late. Call a local professional to help you keep your system in the best shape possible.

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