How Snow And Ice Affect HVAC Systems

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How Snow and Ice Affect HVAC Systems

How Snow And Ice Affect HVAC Systems

Winter is a beautiful season, but it’s also one that can cause serious damage to your home if you don’t prepare properly. During these cold months, many homeowners will rely on their furnaces or fireplaces to keep them warm. While these devices are designed to withstand the elements, but snow and ice can cause problems for them if left untreated. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to protect your HVAC system from the effects of snow and ice during this time of year.

Check Your Heat Pump

Most modern heat pumps are designed to work in temperatures as low as freezing, which means they require access to sufficient heat that can be drawn from the air around them. However, if the heat pump’s condenser is exposed to snow and ice, it won’t be able to get the heat it needs to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. This can have a negative impact on your home’s heating and cooling system, as well as your energy bills. It can cause your system to work harder, wear out faster and increase the risk of a breakdown or short circuit.

Check Your Furnace

Most furnaces will produce carbon monoxide when they are running, and this gas can clog up the exhaust vents if they become blocked with snow or ice. If this occurs, it can be dangerous for you and your family to breathe. Most furnaces have a safety switch that will shut them down if this happens. But even with this safety switch, it’s best to check your exhaust vents before the next snowstorm.

Clear Your HVAC Systems

When you’re preparing for a big winter storm, make sure you have cleared your outdoor heat pump or AC units of snow and ice. This will ensure that your system is working effectively and that you won’t have to worry about costly repairs when the snow and ice begin to melt and refreeze again. You should also keep an eye on your eaves and gutters to watch for icicles that form during thaw and refreeze. Icicles can be extremely dangerous if they fall into your HVAC system and pierce the aluminum coils inside it. This could lead to a refrigerant leak or even costly repairs.

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